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Are you bogged down with stressful daily activities that the last thing you think of is sex? You have to know that physical intimacy and sex is a very vital part of your relationship. If, because of the stress of everyday life, you’re letting the relationship intimacy with your spouse to take a backseat, then you are neglecting an essential means of reconnecting with each another.

Moreover, to feel sensual and sexy is an aspect of the entire human experience, and it enhances the feelings of attractiveness and confidence.

Many years ago, certain substances and diets were said to possess aphrodisiac properties (an aphrodisiac diet is a food, substance or drink that promotes sexual desire). They can lower stress, enhance blood flow or have a positive effect on the neurotransmitters. All these effects can increase libido in the body system. We are going to be looking at some of these aphrodisiac diets and ways by which you can use them to support your sexual health.

Basil: This is a sweet and pungent herb. It can be used to flavor up your diet and your sexual health. Sprinkle a well-chopped basil on top of your vegetable soup. Basil has the medicinal quality of enhancing your sexual desire by improving your blood flow and increasing your heart rate.

Avocado: This fruit is well known as an aphrodisiac fruit way back in the ancient times of Aztec. You can eat an avocado fruit alone or use it in your taco salad recipe.

Honey: Organic raw honey is very rich in vitamin B. It supports the production of testosterone, thereby enhancing sexual desire. It also has a boron content used in the production of estrogen, which is vital for the enhancement of the female sexual desire. You can use the honey in sweetening your cup of tea.

Carrots:  Carrots contains essential vitamins that are highly needful in the production of the sexual hormone.

Coconut water: The Coconut water contains the same degree of electrolytes as the blood of a human body system. It can boost metabolism thereby increasing blood flow. It can also serve as an aphrodisiac fluid. Coconut water has a high content of vitamin C along with minerals.

Watermelon: This fruit is very rich in citrulline. It can increase nitric oxide. It can also open the blood vessels and speed up the rate of blood circulation, thus resulting in an increase in sexual arousal.

Sea vegetables: The Sea vegetable is very rich in vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. These vitamins can help in sex hormone production. This vegetable also contains manganese, selenium, and iodine. These minerals enhance metabolic activities.

The best way to get all the nutrients in your fruits/vegetable is through juicing. This extracts the nutrients and fluids from your raw fruits and vegetables. Ensure that you go for an easy-to-handle juicer . You can find the high quality masticating juicers here. Masticating type of juicer is the best for producing nutritious juices. Continue reading HOW TO SUPPORT YOUR SEXUAL HEALTH WITH ORGANIC DIET