Gaming Chair With Footrest: Hype or Handy?

As more and more people turn to video games and screen content to unwind, addressing the ergonomic health issues caused by poor posture is paramount. While many people use standard office chairs or couches for gaming, long-term use is linked to health problems. Some gamers use a standard gaming chair to alleviate pain and correct posture. These chairs, however, don’t go far enough. The best choice for enjoying screen content is a gaming chair that features a footrest.

Health Issues With Common Seats   

A gaming chair with footrest is the gold standard for posture when compared against common alternatives. The primary issue with alternative seating options is that they discourage proper posture. The common office chair for example, is among the worst offenders. Sitting in an office chair often degrades quickly into a slouching position. This slouch curves the spine, adds unnecessary pressure to the spinal discs, and stretches spinal ligaments. Worst of all, over time these issues can turn chronic.     Long term issues caused by improper ergonomic positions include but are not limited to damaged spinal structures and pervasive pain. These chronic issues are also linked to other health problems. Besides minimizing the distractions caused by back pain, a proper chair can contribute to overall health.

Finally, chairs and seats (like couches) that are not designed for gaming add additional strain to the arms and upper body joints. Prolonged muscle strain holding controllers or keyboards/mouse can lead to significant musculoskeletal fatigue. Gaming requires focus and holding body positions for significant lengths of time. The only chair designed with gaming in mind is a gaming chair. A gaming chair with footrest provides even greater ergonomic benefit.

Benefit of Footrests  

Although the reasons for using a footrest are innumerable, beyond comfort, footrests provide 3 key benefits: Posture, Circulation, and Back Pain.    First, in order to hold correct body posture, the footrest aligns your hips and spine so that they are not putting pressure on your body disproportionately. Second, by limiting pressure on your body’s joints, blood can flow more easily. This leads to better circulation which in-turn improves tissue and cognitive function. Third, A footrest provides greater points of body contact and back support, which eases muscle strain on spine and lumbar discs. Because the human body functions better in proper ergonomic positions, the use of a footrest may lead to decreased fatigue and increased comfort—thus increased focus.

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Correct Body Posture  

When evaluating posture it’s is important to recognize which bodily areas are at risk. Gaming chairs with a footrest help ensure the following:

●Elbow posture is perpendicular to spinal alignment. Arm position located at 90 degrees is ideal.

●Low back support of lumbar discs is accomplished by placing the individuals posterior firmly against the back of the chair. Alignment of the spine created by inclining the legs against the footrest also encourages a proper position.

●Eye level is parallel to screen. Gaming chairs with a footrest also include adjustable height to avoid unnecessary strain on the neck and upper spine.

Low Cost For Pain Relief   

Most gaming chairs with footrest are relatively inexpensive. Many midrange chairs are priced from $150 to $200 and vary based on material and design. Although the ace car’ style is common, featuring bright colors offset with black, there are several designs to choose from. When purchasing a chair consider what functionalities is most important to you. You only get one body, treating it right is a matter of common sense.

Improper seating while gaming not only contributes to lack of focus and fatigue, but it can also harm your body in the long term. By using a gaming chair with footrest, your body is alleviated from unnecessary pressure on your spinal discs, has increased circulation, and decreased pain that distracts from anything but the game.