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My Journey As a French Press Coffee Barista 

Author: Klim Zalabakis , Barista from Portland Oregon

I started my quest to find out the best coffee grinder for French press after I dropped and broke my old French press, and make sure the new one stands the test of time.

In the last few months I have started drinking quite a lot of French press coffee. The reason being this coffee is quick and easy to make, with awesome flavor and taste when brewed with fresh coffee. The cherry on the cake is that I can save a lot of money as I do not buy a latte coffee every-day.

french press vs espresso ground beans

But I was not satisfied with first French press that I bought initially, which was a cheap glass and plastic French press. Basically the fact is it lasted for a month or less before getting shattered to pieces, so I seriously needed a durable French press capable of withstanding extreme daily use.

My Criteria for selection

I did a lot of research in the beginning, and you can find different kinds of French press coffee makers in the stores. There are so many criteria for a great coffee maker like build material, account volume and filtration systems. I made a list of the negative things that should be avoided in my next buy, such as:

  • An inferior build quality
  • Poor capacity
  • Low heat retention capacity
  • Residual grinds at the mug bottom
  • Easily breakable, poor on durability
  • So the new French press I buy next must be able to solve all the above issues.

My search has led me to Espro Vacuum Press, which is one of the best coffee presses available in the market, but of course it comes with a premium price tag. It’s my pick as it could solve all the issues with my broken press as the best French press. Some other varieties are also available which are less costly and also durable and has good heat retention capacity.

This press is sturdy, comprises of a great capacity and has sustainable heat retention capacity. It is durable and will not break within a month and leaves no residue grinds in the coffee mug. Only gawking point that may pinch you is its price as it is quite expensive compared to others. But it is worth buying as It may be the last French press that you need to buy, the hardy construction of stainless steel ensures that. If it falls from your hand, you can pick it up from the ground, and again start to brew a superb yummy coffee as if nothing actually happened.


My most favorite property of the Espro is that of the pending dual patent micro filtration systems which can produce the cleanest mug of French press that you have ever tasted. The working procedure is similar to a standard French press – just add your hot water, ground coffee and start brewing. But it stands above the rest in the filtration process, where the dual filters plunges to work and filters 9-10 times better than normal French press. It gives the cleanest cup of coffee and you may relish it till the last drop without any nasty sludge or grinds getting in your mouth. This combined with dual vacuum insulated walls for heat retention, BPS and BPA interiors gives you one of the best French press, which will last for years to come.