About SASH

What is SASH?

The Studies in Adolescent Sexual Health (SASH) research group started in 2004. We are a subsidiary of the Applied Research Centre for Health and Lifestyle Interventions (ARC-HLI) based at Coventry University. We maintain a health psychology focus and specialise in research and intervention development and evaluation applied to sexual health related issues. The group consists of academic and applied researchers.

Research aims

• Undertaking research projects that inform and support applied work
• Designing theory and evidence based interventions
• Evaluating the feasibility and effectiveness of such interventions
• Using research evidence to inform and enhance sexual health service provision, education, and health promotion.

For more information on past and existing work please see our projects page.


SASH offers a range of consultancy services. The team has a wealth of experience undertaking all aspects of consultancy relating to adolescent sexual health. Please refer to our project page to see examples of work undertaken on behalf of Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), local authorities and independent consultants across the Midlands.

Work undertaken includes, but is not restricted to:

• Theory and evidence-based intervention development
• Process and outcome evaluation
• Training and development needs assessments
• All aspects of qualitative and quantitative research to explore and better understand health behaviour

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