Gaming vs office chair compared in detail {2018 verdict}

Comfort is mandatory when it comes to seats . No one wants to rise from a chair feeling tired and pain at the same time. Depending on the type of seat, the right chair will do the right job .Don’t say all chairs are the same .There are chairs meant for long hours of sitting while other for just minute .

A waiting seat can never be the same as the bosses sit or the office sit. Same as the Gaming chair will not be same as the Office chair. From the material,design and colour.
The difference between the gaming chair and office chair ,brings out the diversity in the chairs.Lets talks about the difference between this two chairs.

The fact is that gaming chairs are modified to serve the gaming purpose .Gaming seats come with various features that keep the gamer motivated and conformable at the same time.
A gaming chair is designed to operate for long hours without any discomfort. A head support designed to give the head a resting place. An adjustable back seat that is designed to keep the back muscles relaxed . The seat is also adjustable and movable for an amazing experience.

Further more a 4D armrest that will keep the arms on point while playing the game. A gaming chair comes with a different design that very different from the office chair.The gaming chair comes with racing car designs and colour so as to be appealing to the audience if any. A metal star base is a bonus.Unlike the Office chair the gaming chair is bigger so it requires some more space.Some game chairs are even equipped with a joy stick for terms of control or even a steering ,while others have their very own screens and speed indicators ,plus a light system . The cost of the chair is relatively high given the time and effort invested to bring forth such a chair. But at the very end it is worth it.
Office chairs can be relatively cheaper compared to the gamming chair ,but it all depends with the desired request. Some of them are very expensive .

Office chairs come in different designs and colors ,mostly in terms of colors it is either neutral or black .This color does well for home and cooperates offices.Other features include a high back for head rest ,unlike the gamming sit .The office sit does not have the luxuary of a head support .But modern office chairs have tried to incorporate this property. An ergonomic design that is set to keep the user comfortable for long hour Though you much approach the cheap ones with caution .With the cheap office sit ,it is not a guarantee for long hours of comfort ,can be 2-4 hours .
You cannot escape the fact that before game chairs offices chairs existed.

Chairs come in different designs and materials ,but the owners knows what taste suits him or her best . But whether gamer or office chair the trick is to have something worth your standards and perfect for your occupation .

Gaming Chair With Footrest: Hype or Handy?

As more and more people turn to video games and screen content to unwind, addressing the ergonomic health issues caused by poor posture is paramount. While many people use standard office chairs or couches for gaming, long-term use is linked to health problems. Some gamers use a standard gaming chair to alleviate pain and correct posture. These chairs, however, don’t go far enough. The best choice for enjoying screen content is a gaming chair that features a footrest.

Health Issues With Common Seats   

A gaming chair with footrest is the gold standard for posture when compared against common alternatives. The primary issue with alternative seating options is that they discourage proper posture. The common office chair for example, is among the worst offenders. Sitting in an office chair often degrades quickly into a slouching position. This slouch curves the spine, adds unnecessary pressure to the spinal discs, and stretches spinal ligaments. Worst of all, over time these issues can turn chronic.     Long term issues caused by improper ergonomic positions include but are not limited to damaged spinal structures and pervasive pain. These chronic issues are also linked to other health problems. Besides minimizing the distractions caused by back pain, a proper chair can contribute to overall health.

Finally, chairs and seats (like couches) that are not designed for gaming add additional strain to the arms and upper body joints. Prolonged muscle strain holding controllers or keyboards/mouse can lead to significant musculoskeletal fatigue. Gaming requires focus and holding body positions for significant lengths of time. The only chair designed with gaming in mind is a gaming chair. A gaming chair with footrest provides even greater ergonomic benefit.

Benefit of Footrests  

Although the reasons for using a footrest are innumerable, beyond comfort, footrests provide 3 key benefits: Posture, Circulation, and Back Pain.    First, in order to hold correct body posture, the footrest aligns your hips and spine so that they are not putting pressure on your body disproportionately. Second, by limiting pressure on your body’s joints, blood can flow more easily. This leads to better circulation which in-turn improves tissue and cognitive function. Third, A footrest provides greater points of body contact and back support, which eases muscle strain on spine and lumbar discs. Because the human body functions better in proper ergonomic positions, the use of a footrest may lead to decreased fatigue and increased comfort—thus increased focus.

gaming chair MERAX

Correct Body Posture  

When evaluating posture it’s is important to recognize which bodily areas are at risk. Gaming chairs with a footrest help ensure the following:

●Elbow posture is perpendicular to spinal alignment. Arm position located at 90 degrees is ideal.

●Low back support of lumbar discs is accomplished by placing the individuals posterior firmly against the back of the chair. Alignment of the spine created by inclining the legs against the footrest also encourages a proper position.

●Eye level is parallel to screen. Gaming chairs with a footrest also include adjustable height to avoid unnecessary strain on the neck and upper spine.

Low Cost For Pain Relief   

Most gaming chairs with footrest are relatively inexpensive. Many midrange chairs are priced from $150 to $200 and vary based on material and design. Although the ace car’ style is common, featuring bright colors offset with black, there are several designs to choose from. When purchasing a chair consider what functionalities is most important to you. You only get one body, treating it right is a matter of common sense.

Improper seating while gaming not only contributes to lack of focus and fatigue, but it can also harm your body in the long term. By using a gaming chair with footrest, your body is alleviated from unnecessary pressure on your spinal discs, has increased circulation, and decreased pain that distracts from anything but the game.

What are the health benefits of fish oil

Even though a large number of supplements are available on the market, most of them are not so affordable and you are not guaranteed to receive the results you desire. If you are looking for a convenient, affordable and effective method to stay healthy, fish oil is one of the best options available for you to consider. It can also be considered as an excellent choice available for the people who are looking for alternate health options.

Heart disease prevention is recognized as one of the most well-grounded benefits associated with fish oil. That’s because fish oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. The Omega 3 fatty acids have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol levels in your body while increasing the level of good cholesterol. In addition, fish oil can deliver many other health benefits, which create a tremendous impact on the health of your heart.

From the recent studies, it has been identified that fish oil has the ability to assist people who are suffering from diabetes. That’s because people who suffer from diabetes have lower density of lipoprotein levels and higher triglycerides. Fish oil can reduce triglycerides while increasing the level of HDL. On the other hand, the nutrients that you can see in fish oil can make your blood less viscous. People who have diabetes suffer from dense blood as they have higher sugar levels in it. Therefore, fish oil can assist them to stay away from all the negative health issues associated with oil

A considerable percentage of the world population suffers from osteoporosis and fish oil has the ability to help them get rid of it. Omega 3 fatty acids have the ability to enhance the level of calcium within your body. In addition, fish oil can support the calcium deposition process within your body. This can improve the overall health of your bones. People who are affected with obesity can also think about consuming fish oil. If they combine omega 3 fatty acids with regular exercises, they will get the opportunity to burn fat in an efficient manner and get rid of obesity.

Fish oil is recommended for the people who have arthritis as well. Omega 3 fatty acids play a vital role in here as well. They have the ability to lessen the pain in joints along with morning stiffness. Fish oil consists of a large number of anti-inflammatory agents as well. As a result, it can assist you to stay away from almost all the inflammatory diseases. Last but not least, fish oil can help people to get rid of their allergies or to control the allergies. That’s the main reason why fish oil is recommended for the pregnant women as they can make sure that their babies are not exposed to any allergies. These are the most prominent health benefits associated with fish oil. You can get more details by going through cod liver oil reviews that can be found at

My Journey As a French Press Coffee Barista 

Author: Klim Zalabakis , Barista from Portland Oregon

I started my quest to find out the best coffee grinder for French press after I dropped and broke my old French press, and make sure the new one stands the test of time.

In the last few months I have started drinking quite a lot of French press coffee. The reason being this coffee is quick and easy to make, with awesome flavor and taste when brewed with fresh coffee. The cherry on the cake is that I can save a lot of money as I do not buy a latte coffee every-day.

french press vs espresso ground beans

But I was not satisfied with first French press that I bought initially, which was a cheap glass and plastic French press. Basically the fact is it lasted for a month or less before getting shattered to pieces, so I seriously needed a durable French press capable of withstanding extreme daily use.

My Criteria for selection

I did a lot of research in the beginning, and you can find different kinds of French press coffee makers in the stores. There are so many criteria for a great coffee maker like build material, account volume and filtration systems. I made a list of the negative things that should be avoided in my next buy, such as:

  • An inferior build quality
  • Poor capacity
  • Low heat retention capacity
  • Residual grinds at the mug bottom
  • Easily breakable, poor on durability
  • So the new French press I buy next must be able to solve all the above issues.

My search has led me to Espro Vacuum Press, which is one of the best coffee presses available in the market, but of course it comes with a premium price tag. It’s my pick as it could solve all the issues with my broken press as the best French press. Some other varieties are also available which are less costly and also durable and has good heat retention capacity.

This press is sturdy, comprises of a great capacity and has sustainable heat retention capacity. It is durable and will not break within a month and leaves no residue grinds in the coffee mug. Only gawking point that may pinch you is its price as it is quite expensive compared to others. But it is worth buying as It may be the last French press that you need to buy, the hardy construction of stainless steel ensures that. If it falls from your hand, you can pick it up from the ground, and again start to brew a superb yummy coffee as if nothing actually happened.


My most favorite property of the Espro is that of the pending dual patent micro filtration systems which can produce the cleanest mug of French press that you have ever tasted. The working procedure is similar to a standard French press – just add your hot water, ground coffee and start brewing. But it stands above the rest in the filtration process, where the dual filters plunges to work and filters 9-10 times better than normal French press. It gives the cleanest cup of coffee and you may relish it till the last drop without any nasty sludge or grinds getting in your mouth. This combined with dual vacuum insulated walls for heat retention, BPS and BPA interiors gives you one of the best French press, which will last for years to come.

Fishing at Cape Cod

Are you looking for the perfect destination to spend your next family vacation? Then Cape Cod is one of the best options available out there to consider. It would definitely be a vacation filled with adventure for individuals who belong to all age categories. A wide range of activities are available for the people who visit Cape Cod. Fishing holds a prominent place out of them.

cape cod

Plenty of reasons are available out there for the people to go on fishing at Cape Cod. Elbow room, cool mornings and calm conditions hold a prominent place out of them. A large number of fishing spots can be found throughout the entire area and you can engage with fishing as per the way you want. The fine weather conditions that prevail throughout the year would also offer an excellent support to you. Moreover, the calmness of the sea that you can see in Cape Cod has contributed a lot towards its popularity.

Cape Cod can be considered as one of the best destinations available out there in the world to catch Bluefin tuna. You can easily catch a giant tuna within a short period of time. However, it is better to go on a bigger boat if you are looking forward to catch Bluefin tuna as they do not come near small boats. Cape Cod can also be considered as one of the best destinations available out there to catch big striped sea bass. The sea bass come to the shore of Cape Cod during September and it can be considered as the best time available to visit there.

People who go on fishing in Cape Cod will also get the opportunity to experience many other types of scenery and take part in different events. You will be able to explore nature throughout your journey to Cape Cod. If you go there during summer, you will be able to take part in numerous events as well. Many wild places can be found throughout Cape Cod and it will take a lot of time for you to explore them. Most of these places are quiet and peacefully. The underdeveloped natural landscapes that can be found in Cape Cod are icing on the cake.

If you prefer to go on deep sea fishing, you are provided with required facilities at Cape Cod. Tours have been arranged to take you further into the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean. You will also be able to see porpoises and whales on your journey. A large number of suppliers are there on Cape Cod to make the life easy for you. They will provide you with all the facilities that are required to go on a hassle free journey. You just need to visit Cape Cod and get in touch with such a reliable supplier to make fishing an unforgettable experience.


sexual health and nutrition

Are you bogged down with stressful daily activities that the last thing you think of is sex? You have to know that physical intimacy and sex is a very vital part of your relationship. If, because of the stress of everyday life, you’re letting the relationship intimacy with your spouse to take a backseat, then you are neglecting an essential means of reconnecting with each another.

Moreover, to feel sensual and sexy is an aspect of the entire human experience, and it enhances the feelings of attractiveness and confidence.

Many years ago, certain substances and diets were said to possess aphrodisiac properties (an aphrodisiac diet is a food, substance or drink that promotes sexual desire). They can lower stress, enhance blood flow or have a positive effect on the neurotransmitters. All these effects can increase libido in the body system. We are going to be looking at some of these aphrodisiac diets and ways by which you can use them to support your sexual health.

Basil: This is a sweet and pungent herb. It can be used to flavor up your diet and your sexual health. Sprinkle a well-chopped basil on top of your vegetable soup. Basil has the medicinal quality of enhancing your sexual desire by improving your blood flow and increasing your heart rate.

Avocado: This fruit is well known as an aphrodisiac fruit way back in the ancient times of Aztec. You can eat an avocado fruit alone or use it in your taco salad recipe.

Honey: Organic raw honey is very rich in vitamin B. It supports the production of testosterone, thereby enhancing sexual desire. It also has a boron content used in the production of estrogen, which is vital for the enhancement of the female sexual desire. You can use the honey in sweetening your cup of tea.

Carrots:  Carrots contains essential vitamins that are highly needful in the production of the sexual hormone.

Coconut water: The Coconut water contains the same degree of electrolytes as the blood of a human body system. It can boost metabolism thereby increasing blood flow. It can also serve as an aphrodisiac fluid. Coconut water has a high content of vitamin C along with minerals.

Watermelon: This fruit is very rich in citrulline. It can increase nitric oxide. It can also open the blood vessels and speed up the rate of blood circulation, thus resulting in an increase in sexual arousal.

Sea vegetables: The Sea vegetable is very rich in vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. These vitamins can help in sex hormone production. This vegetable also contains manganese, selenium, and iodine. These minerals enhance metabolic activities.

The best way to get all the nutrients in your fruits/vegetable is through juicing. This extracts the nutrients and fluids from your raw fruits and vegetables. Ensure that you go for an easy-to-handle juicer . You can find the high quality masticating juicers here. Masticating type of juicer is the best for producing nutritious juices. Continue reading HOW TO SUPPORT YOUR SEXUAL HEALTH WITH ORGANIC DIET

SASH Research and Consultancy Projects

Volitional Intervention Development (VoID)

  • Development of a smart phone application (app) to increase access to and uptake of sexual health services across Coventry and Warwickshire
  • Development of a ‘Serious Game’ for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in Schools
  • Evaluation of an educational resource on Chlamydia for secondary school pupils

Completed Projects:

  • Warwickshire review of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in secondary schools
  • Health Protection Agency (HPA) Chlamydia Screening
  • Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour to condom, oral and emergency contraceptive use in under 16s
  • What Shall We Tell the Children … About Relationships and Sex?
  • Regional project to investigate under-16 conceptions in the West Midlands
  • Accessing, carrying, negotiating use, using and disposing: An exploratory elicitation study of five condom behaviours
  • A cross-sectional investigation of condom beliefs using the ACNUD scale
  • Researching FGM Intervention Programmes Linked to African Communities in the EU (REPLACE)
  • Perceptions of the Risk of Chlamydia Infection among Young People Attending a Genito-Urinary Medicine Clinic
  • Young People’s Aspirations Research Project
  • Delivery and evaluation of an online safer sex intervention
  • Volitional Intervention Development (VoID)

Project lead: Dr Katherine Brown

Stage 1: Evidence shows that young people may often hold strong intentions to use a chosen contraceptive method, but fail to consistently translate that intention into action, and thus fail to engage the volitional process of behavioural change. With funding from the British Academy, we developed a prototype interactive intervention designed to help young people who want to use contraception, plan effectively to do so, every time they have sex. Young people and sexual health professionals were consulted on the intervention.

Stage 2: Further funding from Coventry and Warwickshire PCT has allowed us to beta-test the intervention in sexual healthcare settings. This intervention can currently be viewed by clicking here.

Continue reading SASH Research and Consultancy Projects

Innovation in Sexual Health Event

SASH are hosting a free event for attendees which is themed ‘Innovation in Sexual Health’ on 12th February 2013 at the techno centre based at Coventry University.We have had several interesting and relevant speakers come forward for presentations and workshops. There has been a positive response from all professionals who have been approached and are in support of sharing knowledge and ideas regarding innovative approaches to improving the sexual health of young people with fellow professionals who are practising in this area. Download the SASH event flyer.

About the event:

Read an article about the event on the Birmingham Press website!

We want the attendees to help us drive the direction of the event by nominating speakers or workshops from local and national organisations, both academic and professionals in practice. We would also like you to tell us the questions you would like to be asked at the event e.g. what is the role of technology in reducing teenage pregnancy? How can parents get involved in helping their children understand what good sexual health is?

NEW: Introductory speaker:

We are pleased to announce that Roger Ingram, Professor of Health and Community Psychology at the University of Southampton, and Director of the Centre for Sexual Health Research, will be joining us for the event and will deliver the introductory address. During his career of over 25 years he has published widely on relevant topics and worked closely with policy makers in this country and abroad. He has been, for many years, a consultant for the World Health Organisation on their reproductive health and AIDS programmes, was a member of the former Government’s Independent Advisory Group for the Teenage Pregnancy Unit and sits on the Teenage Magazine Arbitration Panel. He was also a member of the core group involved in the development of the UK National Sexual Health and HIV Strategy.

NEW: Best Presentation Awards:

The SASH team and our introductory speaker Professor Roger Ingram will be presenting three ‘Best Presentation’ awards at the event. We request that all delegates participate in selecting the winners for these awards on the day. To do so you will be given a voting card in your delegates pack and we have allocated time at the end of the day for you to cast your vote for the presentation or workshop that you thought was best. In judging the presentations/workshops we suggest you consider the extent to which: Continue reading Innovation in Sexual Health Event

Health Interventions